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The narrator of the on-line training program for CRMS makes a few references to the Help section in the CRMS toolbar. This page will direct you to the appropriate topic.

Completing Non-eIRB Controlled Fields

One of the Key Steps for Using CRMS, as described in training program, is to supply all of the information that is not in eIRB controlled fields. For the eIRB controlled fields, values will automatically be pushed from eIRB to CRMS, once a day in the middle of the night. So it is up to team members to use CRMS to "fill in the blanks," i.e., everything else.

The CRMS in the Study Lifecycle help topic is the guide to ways of using CRMS at various stages of your study. But the basic idea is to step through all of the Tabs (views) available to you when you look at your study in CRMS, and to fill in whatever you can. For an overview of the tabs, look at Guide to Study Tab Views.

You will not be able to edit the eIRB controlled fields, which will be marked with the Image:EIRB_larger_icon.gif icon, and have shaded-out values.

Protocol Consents

The training program discussion of Protocol Consents, one of the items in the CRMS left navigation bar, refers you to to help for more information about managing consents. Please see the Defining Consents help topic.

Support and Training

Near the end of the training program, you are referred to help for detailed information about getting support. Please see the Getting More Help topic.

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