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Welcome to the Home Page for JHMI CRMS Help

The JHMI Clinical Research Management System (JHMI CRMS) is a role-based clinical research management system that tracks critical information on research studies. If you are having a technical issue, or have a question you want to ask someone, please go to the Getting More Help page to find out how to contact us.

CRMS education classes are offered every month. Click on the link to signup for a class. If you cannot attend, email [mail] and we can meet separately with you or your study team.

Helpful Documents: Use these documents to help you navigate through CRMS

CRMS The Basics
File:CRMS helpful hints uploaded.pdf
This step-by-step document will help you navigate CRMS.

Submitting Insurance Clearance in CRMS
File:CRMS and Insurance Clearance April 2012 final.pdf
This document explains the Insurance Clearance functionality available in CRMS. If your study has a Prospective Reimbursement Analysis,PRA, you are required to use this functionality.

Entering a Budget Number in CRMS
File:Entering and Maintaining IO Data in CRMS Sept 2012.pdf
This document explains how to enter budget numbers is CRMS. Studies with a Prospective Reimbursement Analysis, PRA, are required to enter this information in CRMS.

Managing Study-Specific and Patient-Specific Documents in CRMS
File:CRMS Document Management Sept 2012.pdf
This optional functionality can help a study team keep their study-specific and patient-specific documents organized in a safe, web-based place.

Choose a section to find instructions on a specific topic:

Section 1 CRMS in the Study Lifecycle
Get an overview of CRMS and how you will use it in different phases of your study.
Section 2 Guide to Study Tab Views
Get a quick tour of the views available when looking at a study.
Section 3 Search for a Study
Learn to find studies of interest.
Section 4 Defining Consents
Learn how to create and manage consent forms for your study.
Section 5 Eligibility Checklists
Learn how to create and manage eligibility checklists for your study.
Section 6 Enrolling a Participant
Learn the four stages of the enrollment process.

Other resources:

Getting More Help
On-line Training Course Followup

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